Centriolar Mechanisms of Differentiation and Replicative Aging of Higher Animal Cells

  title={Centriolar Mechanisms of Differentiation and Replicative Aging of Higher Animal Cells},
  author={J. V. Tkemaladze and K. N. Chichinadze},
  journal={Biochemistry (Moscow)},
The centrosome (centriole) and the cytoskeleton produced by it are structures, which probably determine differentiation, morphogenesis, and switching on the mechanism of replicative aging in all somatic cells of multicellular animals. The mechanism of such programming of the events seems to include cytoskeleton influences and small RNAs related to the centrosome. 1) If these functions are really related with centrioles, the multicellular organism's cells which: a) initially lack centrioles (e.g… CONTINUE READING

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