Centrin isoforms in mammals. Relation to calmodulin

  title={Centrin isoforms in mammals. Relation to calmodulin},
  author={Felix Friedberg},
  journal={Molecular Biology Reports},
In mammals, three calmodulin (CaM) genes code for 100% identical proteins. In these species, four centrin (Cetn) genes have been reported to exist. They are examined in this paper. While the gene for Cetn 1 contains no introns and appears to be derived from Cetn 2 by retroposition, a gene product for Cetn 1 is expressed. Cetn 2, 3, and 4 represent bona fide genes. The major difference between the members of the CaM and the Cetn subfamilies is the presence (usually) in Cetn of an approximately… CONTINUE READING