Centrifuges and inertial shear forces.

  title={Centrifuges and inertial shear forces.},
  author={Jack van Loon and Erik H T E Folgering and Carlijn V C Bouten and Theodoor Henri Smit},
  journal={Journal of gravitational physiology : a journal of the International Society for Gravitational Physiology},
  volume={11 1},
Centrifuges are often used in biological studies for 1 x g control samples in space flight microgravity experiments as well as in ground based research. Using centrifugation as a tool to generate an Earth like acceleration introduces unwanted inertial shear forces to the sample. Depending on the centrifuge and the geometry of the experiment hardware used these shear forces may contribute as much as 99% to the total force acting on the cells or tissues. The inertial shear force artifact should… CONTINUE READING