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Centralized systemic risk control in the interbank system: weak formulation and Gamma-convergence

  title={Centralized systemic risk control in the interbank system: weak formulation and Gamma-convergence},
  author={Lijun Bo and Tongqing Li and Xiang Yu},
  • Lijun Bo, Tongqing Li, Xiang Yu
  • Published 2021
  • Mathematics, Economics
This paper studies a systemic risk control problem by the central bank, which dynamically plans monetary supply for the interbank system with borrowing and lending activities. Facing both heterogeneity among banks and the common noise, the central bank aims to find an optimal strategy to minimize the average distance between log-monetary reserves and some prescribed capital levels for all banks. A weak formulation is adopted, and an optimal randomized control can be obtained in the system with… Expand


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