Central patterning of inspiratory activity in the neonatal period.

  title={Central patterning of inspiratory activity in the neonatal period.},
  author={Anthony L. Sica and Mitesh R. Gandhi and Andrew M. Steele},
  journal={Brain research. Developmental brain research},
  volume={64 1-2},
We hypothesized that synchronization of neonatal inspiratory motoneurons is achieved by common inputs from one or more central pattern generators. Such inputs are manifested in neural discharges as medium-frequency (less than 50 Hz) and/or high-frequency (greater than or equal to 50 Hz) oscillations. Furthermore, if both oscillations appeared, one or both might be gated, i.e. present only in the first or second half of inspiration. The spontaneous discharges of phrenic (C5 and C6) roots and… CONTINUE READING

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