Central motor conduction in relation to contra- and ipsilateral activation.

  title={Central motor conduction in relation to contra- and ipsilateral activation.},
  author={M. J. Zwarts},
  journal={Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={85 6},
  • M. J. Zwarts
  • Published 1992 in
    Electroencephalography and clinical…
Differences of central motor conduction between slight activation of the target muscle (ipsilateral: IL) and strong contraction of the contralateral (CL) muscle following magnetic motor cortex stimulation were studied in 18 controls; responses were recorded at abductor pollicis brevis (APB) and tibial anterior (TA). For APB a clearly faster response was obtained with IL activation (mean: 1.7 msec). The amplitude increased only slightly. The reverse was found for TA muscle: amplitude nearly… CONTINUE READING

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