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Central limit theorem for bifurcating Markov chains: the mother-daughters triangles case

  title={Central limit theorem for bifurcating Markov chains: the mother-daughters triangles case},
  author={Sim'eon Valere Bitseki Penda},
  • S. Penda
  • Published 30 June 2022
  • Mathematics
. The main objective of this article is to establish a central limit theorem for additive three-variable functionals of bifurcating Markov chains. We thus extend the central limit theorem under point-wise ergodic conditions studied in Bitseki-Delmas (2022) and to a lesser extent, the results of Bitseki-Delmas (2022) on central limit theorem under L 2 ergodic conditions. Our results also extend and complement those of Guyon (2007) and Delmas and Marsalle (2010). In particular, when the ergodic… 



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Central limit theorem for bifurcating Markov chains under pointwise ergodic conditions

  • Ann. Appl. Probab.,
  • 2022

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