Central control of bone remodeling by neuromedin U

  title={Central control of bone remodeling by neuromedin U},
  author={Shingo Sato and Reiko Hanada and Ayako Kimura and Tomomi Abe and Takahiro Matsumoto and Makiko Iwasaki and Hiroyuki Inose and Takanori Ida and Michihiro Mieda and Yasuhiro Takeuchi and Seiji Fukumoto and Toshiro Fujita and Shigeaki Kato and Kenji Kangawa and Masayasu Kojima and Ken-ichi Shinomiya and Shu Takeda},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
Bone remodeling, the function affected in osteoporosis, the most common of bone diseases, comprises two phases: bone formation by matrix-producing osteoblasts and bone resorption by osteoclasts. The demonstration that the anorexigenic hormone leptin inhibits bone formation through a hypothalamic relay suggests that other molecules that affect energy metabolism in the hypothalamus could also modulate bone mass. Neuromedin U (NMU) is an anorexigenic neuropeptide that acts independently of leptin… CONTINUE READING


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