Central and peripheral nervous system complications.

  title={Central and peripheral nervous system complications.},
  author={Marvin R. Brown and Peter J. Dyck and Gerald E Mcclearn and Anders A. F. Sima and Henry C. Powell and Daniel Porte},
  volume={31 Suppl 1 Pt 2},
Symptomatic neuropathy is a common manifestation of diabetes mellitus, and sensory, motor, or autonomic symptoms occur in approximately 10% of all diabetic patients. Animal models may be useful to study the metabolic and electrophysiologic abnormalities peculiar to diabetic neuropathy. Genetic animal models, including the Chinese hamster, ob/ob mouse, db/db mouse, BB-wistar rat, and SSDR rat or chemically induced or nutritional models of diabetes mellitus provide the potential to use animals to… CONTINUE READING
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