Central Venous Catheter–associated Nocardia Bacteremia in Cancer Patients

  title={Central Venous Catheter–associated Nocardia Bacteremia in Cancer Patients},
  author={Fadi Al Akhrass and Ray Y. Hachem and Jamal A. Mohamed and Jeffrey P Tarrand and Dimitrios P Kontoyiannis and Jyotsna Chandra and Mahmoud G. Ghannoum and Souha Haydoura and Ann Marie Chaftari and Issam Raad},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
Central venous catheters, often needed by cancer patients, can be the source of Nocardia bacteremia. We evaluated the clinical characteristics and outcomes of 17 cancer patients with Nocardia bacteremia. For 10 patients, the bacteremia was associated with the catheter; for the other 7, it was a disseminated infection. N. nova complex was the leading cause of bacteremia. Nocardia promoted heavy biofilm formation on the surface of central venous catheter segments tested in an in vitro biofilm… CONTINUE READING