Central Sanctuary and Centralization of Worship in Ancient Israel: From the Settlement to the Building of Solomon's Temple

  title={Central Sanctuary and Centralization of Worship in Ancient Israel: From the Settlement to the Building of Solomon's Temple},
  author={Pekka M A Pitk{\"a}nen},

The ecological-evolutionary theory, migration, settler colonialism, sociology of violence and the origins of ancient Israel

Abstract This paper looks at the question of the origins of ancient Israel from the perspective of four social-scientific based approaches. These are the ecological-evolutionary theory developed by

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The eschatological role of the Jerusalem temple: An examination of Jewish writings dating from 586 BCE to 70 CE


The rite of consecration of the Church according to the Syrian Orthodox tradition

AbstractFrom ancient times it has been the practice of humankind to build structures in which to worship God. People built centres of various shapes and sizes in which different kinds of worship were