Center Manifold of the Viscous Moore--Greitzer PDE Model


A commonly used mathematical model for jet engines that captures the ow behavior of a compression system, known as the viscous Moore-Greitzer PDE model, consists of a PDE and two ODEs. The PDE describes the behavior of disturbances in the inlet region of the compression system, and the two ODEs describe the coupling of the disturbances with the mean ow. In this paper, we study this full-order model, and rst show that it is not topologically equivalent to its linearized version near the point where the pressure rise reaches its maximum. We further show that the model features a center manifold near this maximum pressure rise, which makes it possible to translate the study of the behavior of the local ow in the compressor into a study of the ow of three scalar di erential equations on the center manifold, which we carry out in the paper.

DOI: 10.1137/S0036139999354261

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@article{Xiao2000CenterMO, title={Center Manifold of the Viscous Moore--Greitzer PDE Model}, author={Mingqing Xiao and Tamer Basar}, journal={SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics}, year={2000}, volume={61}, pages={855-869} }