Centenarians Today: New Insights on Selection from the 5-COOP Study

  title={Centenarians Today: New Insights on Selection from the 5-COOP Study},
  author={Jean-Marie Robine and Siu Lan Karen Cheung and Yasuhiko Saito and Bernard Le Jeune and Marti G. Parker and François Herrmann},
  booktitle={Current gerontology and geriatrics research},
The number of oldest old grew tremendously over the past few decades. However, recent studies have disclosed that the pace of increase strongly varies among countries. The present study aims to specify the level of mortality selection among the nonagenarians and centenarians living currently in five low mortality countries, Denmark, France, Japan, Switzerland, and Sweden, part of the 5-Country Oldest Old Project (5-COOP). All data come from the Human Mortality Database, except for the number of… CONTINUE READING