Censorship and Collateral Damage: Analyzing the Telegram Ban in Iran

  title={Censorship and Collateral Damage: Analyzing the Telegram Ban in Iran},
  author={Simin Kargar and Keith McManamen},
  journal={CompSciRN: Cyber Management (Topic)},
In late April 2018, Iran’s Judiciary announced a much anticipated ban on the popular messaging application, Telegram. The filtering order instructed all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Iran and the Telecommunications Ministry to block access to content on the Telegram network. The ban went into effect despite the record breaking popularity of Telegram, which was used by an estimated 40 million Iranians. Iranian users rushed to apply circumvention tools to stay connected to Telegram… 

The Telegram ban: How censorship "made in Russia" faces a global Internet

It is shown how, in the context of a Russian Internet which is heavily entwined with and dependent from foreign and global infrastructures, a number of bottom-up, infrastructure-based digital resistances are able to emerge and thrive despite the strategy of effective centralised management that the Russian government seeks to present to the world as its own.

Early Detection of Censorship Events with Psiphon Network Data

  • Computer Science
  • 2019
Examination of the performance of Psiphon, a free and open source circumvention tool, during blocking events that occured over the past year in Iran, Iraq, and Turkmenistan is examined.

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