Cementum: a phosphate-sensitive tissue.

  title={Cementum: a phosphate-sensitive tissue.},
  author={Francisco Humberto J{\'u}nior Nociti and Janice E. Berry and Brian Lee Foster and Kyle A. Gurley and David M. Kingsley and Takashi Takata and Mutsumi Miyauchi and Martha Joan Somerman},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={81 12},
Ectopic calcification within joints has been reported in humans and rodents exhibiting mutations in genes that regulate the level of extracellular pyrophosphate, e.g., ank and PC-1; however, periodontal effects of these mutations have not previously been examined. These initial studies using ank and PC-1 mutant mice were done to see if such mineral deposition and resulting ankylosis were occurring in the periodontium as well. Surprisingly, results indicated the absence of ankylosis; however, a… CONTINUE READING