Cemento-osseous dysplasia of the jaws in 54 Japanese patients: a radiographic study.


OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to describe the radiographic patterns of cemento-osseous dysplasia. STUDY DESIGN Fifty-four patients affected with benign fibro-osseous jaw lesions that showed periapical radiopacities and/or radiolucencies in a focal or a multiplex form were studied. The clinical, radiographic, and histopathologic features of the patients with cemento-osseous dysplasia were retrospectively studied. Radiographic features of the cemento-osseous dysplasia lesions were classified according to the appearance of calcified bodies. Radiographic visibility of periodontal ligament spaces of related teeth was assessed. RESULTS Forty-nine (91 %) of the 54 patients were women. The mean age of the total group was 50.8 years, and that of the male group was 64.6 years. The cemento-osseous dysplasia lesions could be classified into 6 types radiographically. Eighteen patients had at least 2 or more types of cemento-osseous dysplasia lesions. Of 147 related teeth, 142 had periodontal ligament spaces clearly visible. Six of 9 patients who had a total of 25 teeth with active hypercementosis showed concomitant occurrence of other types of cemento-osseous dysplasia lesions. Biopsy specimens showed various amounts of bonelike and cementumlike tissues. CONCLUSIONS It is likely that cemento-osseous dysplasia consists of 3 variations of a single entity, all with the same unknown cause. In one variation, the entity originates from the periodontium; in another, it is of medullary bone origin; and in the third it results from the simultaneous involvement of both tissues.

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