Cemented single crowns on osseointegrated implants after 5 years: results from a prospective study on CeraOne.


PURPOSE The aim of this prospective study was to present the results after 5 years of loading of 65 CeraOne (Nobel Biocare) crowns. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-two implants in the maxilla and 3 implants in the mandible were placed in 57 patients. Sixty-two all-ceramic and three metal-ceramic crowns were cemented. The group comprised the first patients treated with the CeraOne prosthodontic concept. RESULTS Eight patients did not complete the study. Only one implant failed, giving a cumulative success rate for implants of 98.5%. The failed implant was replaced: a crown was cemented and then followed for 5 years without any complications. Four crowns were recorded as failures, giving a cumulative success rate for crowns of 93.7%. It should be observed that this result was very positive, as all crown failures were related to extraordinary causes and not one was a result of common bite forces or fatigue. The initial bone loss was in accordance with other studies on Brånemark implants, and a stable situation was recorded after 2 years for the supporting bone around implants and adjacent teeth when the conical implants were excluded. Soft tissues around implants and adjacent teeth appeared healthy, and the cementation and the placement of the abutment shoulder in the peri-implant sulcus did not cause any recession of the peri-implant mucosa. CONCLUSION CeraOne experienced virtually no complications and proved to be a highly predictable and safe prosthodontic concept. CeraOne also eliminated problems with abutment screw loosening and created a platform for good esthetic results and satisfied patients.

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