Cellular trafficking in trypanosomatids: a new target for therapies?

  title={Cellular trafficking in trypanosomatids: a new target for therapies?},
  author={D Costa-Pinto and Lucas Siqueira Trindade and Diane McMahon-Pratt and Yara Maria Traub-Cseko},
  journal={International journal for parasitology},
  volume={31 5-6},
Pathogenic trypanosomatids cause a plethora of diseases marked by the lack of efficient vaccines and therapies. As a consequence, studies are being conducted that are geared towards the understanding of basic mechanisms and various biological aspects of these parasites that might be used as targets for new developments in these areas. One such aspect is the understanding of specific cellular trafficking mechanisms that might be attacked with the intention of disease control. In this paper, we… CONTINUE READING