Cellular composition of the cyclic corpus luteum of the cow.

  title={Cellular composition of the cyclic corpus luteum of the cow.},
  author={Jules O'Shea and Richard J. Rodgers and Michael John D'Occhio},
  journal={Journal of reproduction and fertility},
  volume={85 2},
The cellular composition of CL from 6 cows on approximately Day 12 of the oestrous cycle, after synchronization with cloprostenol, was studied by ultrastructural morphometry. Point-count measurements of volume density (mean +/- s.d.) showed that large luteal cells occupied 40.2 +/- 7.0% of the luteal tissue, and small luteal cells 27.7 +/- 6.3%. Of the total of 393.4 +/- 52.0 x 10(3) cells per mm3 of luteal tissue, large luteal cells made up only 3.5% and small luteal cells 26.7%, a ratio of 1… CONTINUE READING
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