Cellular automata between sofic tree shifts


We study the sofic tree shifts of A ∗ , where Σ∗ is a regular rooted tree of finite rank. In particular, we give their characterization in terms of unrestricted Rabin automata. We show that if X ⊂ A ∗ is a sofic tree shift, then the configurations in X whose orbit under the shift action is finite are dense in X , and, as a consequence of this, we deduce that every injective cellular automata τ : X → X is surjective. Moreover, a characterization of sofic tree shifts in terms of general Rabin automata is given. We present an algorithm for establishing whether two unrestricted Rabin automata accept the same sofic tree shift or not. This allows us to prove the decidability of the surjectivity problem for cellular automata between sofic tree shifts. We also prove the decidability of the injectivity problem for cellular automata defined on a tree shift of finite type.

DOI: 10.1016/j.tcs.2013.07.007

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