Cellular and molecular targets of protein S-glutathiolation.

  title={Cellular and molecular targets of protein S-glutathiolation.},
  author={Rodney E. Shackelford and Alexandra N. Heinloth and Steven Cooper Heard and Richard S. Paules},
  journal={Antioxidants & redox signaling},
  volume={7 7-8},
Oxidative stress and reactive oxygen species play a major role in both normal and pathophysiologic cellular processes. Although many cellular constituents can be damaged by oxidant exposure, cysteine thiol groups are among the most readily oxidized moieties found within cells. To avoid potentially irreversible cysteine thiol oxidation, cells have developed multiple antioxidant defenses to preserve these moieties. Among these defenses, protein S-glutathiolation has emerged as an important… CONTINUE READING

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