Cellular and molecular aspects of ovarian follicle ageing.

  title={Cellular and molecular aspects of ovarian follicle ageing.},
  author={Carla Tatone and Fernanda Amicarelli and Maria Cristina Carbone and Patrizia Monteleone and Donatella Caserta and Roberto Marci and Paolo Giovanni Artini and Paola Piomboni and Riccardo Focarelli},
  journal={Human reproduction update},
  volume={14 2},
It is well established that age-related decline of the biological capacity of a woman to reproduce is primarily related to the poor developmental potential of her gametes. This renders female ageing the most significant determinant of success in IVF. Starting with a reference picture of the main molecular and cellular failures of aged oocytes, granulosa cells and follicular microenvironment, this review focuses on age-related biochemical mechanisms underlying these changes. According to the… CONTINUE READING


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