Cellular adhesion molecules in urologic malignancies.


Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) are important in cell-cell interaction and interactions between cells and components of the extracellular matrix. CAMs have been associated with invasion and metastasis in a wide variety of human malignancies, including tumors of the genitourinary tract. Cadherins are transmembrane glycoproteins that bind cells by homophilic… (More)


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@article{Cohen1997CellularAM, title={Cellular adhesion molecules in urologic malignancies.}, author={Marvin B. Cohen and Tomas Lindor Griebling and Chiledum A. Ahaghotu and Oskar W. Rokhlin and Jeffery S Ross}, journal={American journal of clinical pathology}, year={1997}, volume={107 1}, pages={56-63} }