Cellular Sheaf Cohomology in Polymake

  title={Cellular Sheaf Cohomology in Polymake},
  author={Lars Kastner and Kristin M. Shaw and Anna-Lena Winz},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
This is a guide to the polymake extension cellularSheaves. We first define cellular sheaves on polyhedral complexes in Euclidean space, as well as cosheaves, and their (co)homologies. As motivation, we summarize some results from toric and tropical geometry linking cellular sheaf cohomologies to cohomologies of algebraic varieties. We then give an overview of the structure of the extension cellularSheaves for polymake. Finally, we illustrate the usage of the extension with examples from toric… 

Tropical cohomology with integral coefficients for analytic spaces

We study tropical Dolbeault cohomology for Berkovich analytic spaces, as defined by Chambert-Loir and Ducros. We provide a construction that lets us pull back classes in tropical cohomology to

Lefschetz section theorems for tropical hypersurfaces

We establish variants of the Lefschetz hyperplane section theorem for the integral tropical homology groups of tropical hypersurfaces of toric varieties. It follows from these theorems that the

Planar tropical cubic curves of any genus, and higher dimensional generalisations

We study the maximal values of Betti numbers of tropical subvarieties of a given dimension and degree in $\mathbb{TP}^n$. We provide a lower estimate for the maximal value of the top Betti number,

Real Tropical Hyperfaces by Patchworking in polymake

An implementation of Viro’s patchworking in polymake is presented, and a census of Betti numbers of real tropical surfaces serves as a showcase. The latter is relevant in the context of Hilbert’s

Tropical Poincar\'e duality spaces

The tropical fundamental class of a rational balanced polyhedral fan induces cap products between tropical cohomology and tropical Borel– Moore homology. When all these cap products are isomorphisms,

Matroidal subdivisions, Dressians and tropical Grassmannians

The Grassmannian is the vanishing locus of the Plücker ideal Id,n and the moduli space of all d-dimensional linear subspaces in n-space over some field. The points on the Grassmannian are called

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This article discusses the design of the Apprenticeship Program at the Fields Institute, held 21 August–3 September 2016. Six themes from combinatorial algebraic geometry were selected for the 2

Mathematical Software – ICMS 2020: 7th International Conference, Braunschweig, Germany, July 13–16, 2020, Proceedings

Two new approaches to solve real-Algebraic formulas with SMT-RAT have been proposed and shown how they can be combined to solve inequality problems in algebra.

Sheaf Theory as a Foundation for Heterogeneous Data Fusion

Equations and Tropicalization of Enriques Surfaces

In this article, we explicitly compute equations of an Enriques surface via the involution on a K3 surface. We also discuss its tropicalization and compute the tropical homology, thus recovering a



a-tint: A polymake extension for algorithmic tropical intersection theory

  • Simon Hampe
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Eur. J. Comb.
  • 2014

Computing tropical linear spaces

Tropical geometry, the motivic nearby fiber, and limit mixed Hodge numbers of hypersurfaces

A complex variety, degenerating over a punctured disk, carries a limit mixed Hodge structure on its cohomology, encoding the action of monodromy. The associated limit mixed Hodge–Deligne polynomial

Tropical Computations in polymake

We give an overview of recently implemented polymake features for computations in tropical geometry. The main focus is on explicit examples rather than technical explanations. Our computations employ

The Orlik-Solomon algebra and the Bergman fan of a Matroid

Given a matroid M one can define its Orlik-Solomon algebra OS(M) and the Bergman fan �0(M). On the other hand to any rational polyhedral fan � one can associate its tropical homology and cohomology

Superforms, tropical cohomology, and Poincaré duality

Abstract We establish a canonical isomorphism between two bigraded cohomology theories for polyhedral spaces: Dolbeault cohomology of superforms and tropical cohomology. Furthermore, we prove

Sheaves, Cosheaves and Applications

This thesis develops the theory of sheaves and cosheaves with an eye towards applications in science and engineering. To provide a theory that is computable, we focus on a combinatorial version of

Tropical Linear Spaces

  • D. Speyer
  • Mathematics
    SIAM J. Discret. Math.
  • 2008
The main result is that all constructible tropical linear spaces have the same $f-vector and are “series-parallel”, and it is conjectured that this $f$-vector is maximal for all Tropical linear spaces, with equality precisely for the series-par parallel tropicallinear spaces.


ContentsIntroductionChapter I. Affine toric varieties § 1. Cones, lattices, and semigroups § 2. The definition of an affine toric variety § 3. Properties of toric varieties § 4. Differential forms on