Cellular Resolutions of Monomial Modules

  title={Cellular Resolutions of Monomial Modules},
  author={Dave Bayer and Bernd Sturmfels},
We construct a canonical free resolution for arbitrary monomial modules and lattice ideals. This includes monomial ideals and defining ideals of toric varieties, and it generalizes our joint results with Irena Peeva for generic ideals [BPS],[PS]. Introduction Given a field k, we consider the Laurent polynomial ring T = k[x±1 1 , . . . , x ±1 n ] as a module over the polynomial ring S = k[x1, . . . , xn]. The module structure comes from the natural inclusion of semigroup algebras S = k[N] ⊂ k[Z… CONTINUE READING


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  • G. Ziegler
  • 1995

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