Cellular Receptors: Binding of Radioactively Labeled Anti-alloantiserum

  title={Cellular Receptors: Binding of Radioactively Labeled Anti-alloantiserum},
  author={Hans Binz and Jean Lindenmann},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={872 - 884}
RAT ALLOANTISERA OF THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICITIES WERE OBTAINED AFTER SINGLE SKIN GRAFT REJECTION: DA anti-BN, BN anti-DA, DA anti-Lewis, and Lewis anti-DA. Anti-alloantibodies were raised by injecting the first two alloantisera into (DA x BN)F(1) hosts and the last two alloantisera into (DA x Lewis)F(1) hosts. In this manner, four anti-alloantisera were raised: anti-(DA anti-BN), anti-(BN anti-DA), anti-(DA anti-Lewis), and anti-(Lewis anti-DA). From each anti-alloantiserum a gamma globulin… CONTINUE READING