Cellular Automata in the Triangular Tessellation

  title={Cellular Automata in the Triangular Tessellation},
  author={Carter Bays},
  journal={Complex Systems},
For t he discussion below t he following definit ions are helpful. A semito-talistic CA rule is a rul e for a cellular aut omaton (CA) where (a) we tally t he living neighbors t o a cell without regard to their orient atio n wit h respect t o th at cell, and (b) t he ru le applied t o a cell may depend upon its current status. A lifelike rule (LFR rul e) is a semit otalist ic CA rul e where (1) cells have exac t ly two states (alive or dead); (2) t he rule giving t he state of a cell for t he… CONTINUE READING
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