Cellular Automata for Decentralized Control of Self-Reconfigurable Robots

  title={Cellular Automata for Decentralized Control of Self-Reconfigurable Robots},
  author={Zack J. Butler and Keith Kotay and Daniela Rus and Kohji Tomita},
Introduction The key research questions in self-reconfiguring robotics are how to design and engineer robot systems capable of self-reconfiguration, and how to plan for such systems. Several interesting robot designs have been proposed [RV01, KR99, MKY98, TMK99, FK90, PCSC96, YDR00, SWC99, UK00]. For each of these systems, architecture-dependent algorithms that couple planning to the specific actuation have been proposed. This includes real breakthroughs in both centralized planning [KR99… CONTINUE READING
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