Cellular Automata and Kan Extensions

  title={Cellular Automata and Kan Extensions},
  author={Alexandre Fernandez and Luidnel Maignan and Antoine Spicher},
In this paper, we formalize precisely the sense in which the application of a cellular automaton to partial configurations is a natural extension of its local transition function through the categorical notion of Kan extension. In fact, the two possible ways to do such an extension and the ingredients involved in their definition are related through Kan extensions in many ways. These relations provide additional links between computer science and category theory, and also give a new point of… Expand
Accretive Computation of Global Transformations of Graphs
An algorithm is presented which computes online the global transformation of a finite graph in an accretive manner and a local criterion is given for a rule system to extend to a graph global transformation. Expand
Accretive Computation of Global Transformations
Global transformations form a categorical framework adapting graph transformations to describe fully synchronous rule systems on a given data structure. In this work we focus on data structures thatExpand
D C ] 1 7 M ar 2 02 1 Accretive Computation of Global Transformations of Graphs
The framework of global transformations aims at describing synchronous rewriting systems on a given data structure. In this work we focus on the data structure of graphs. Global transformations ofExpand


Global Graph Transformations
Applications of this work include the generalization of cellular automata and the clarification of some frameworks of complex systems modeling where the usual mutual exclusion of rule applications can be replaced by a concept of mutual agreement. Expand
Cellular Automata and Groups
Theorem: Finitely Generated Amenable Groups + Local Embeddability and Sofic Groups + Uniform Structures + Complements of Functional Analysis + Ultrafilters = 6. Expand
∞-Categories for the Working Mathematician
homotopy theory C.1. Lifting properties, weak factorization systems, and Leibniz closure C.1.1. Lemma. Any class of maps characterized by a right lifting property is closed under composition,Expand
Lindenmayer Systems and Global Transformations
Global transformations, a category-based formalism for capturing computing models which are simultaneously local, synchronous and deterministic, are introduced through the perspective ofExpand
Categories for the Working Mathematician. Graduate Texts in Mathematics
  • 2013
Cellular Automata and Groups, pages 778–791
  • 2009
Endomorphisms and automorphisms of the shift dynamical system
  • G. A. Hedlund
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Mathematical systems theory
  • 2005
It is shown that closed subset of X(SQ which is invariant under a defines a subdynamical system, and that these mappings, composed with powers of the shift, constitute the entire class of continuous transformations which commute with the shift. Expand