Cell type–specific gene expression differences in complex tissues

  title={Cell type–specific gene expression differences in complex tissues},
  author={Shai S. Shen-Orr and Robert Tibshirani and Purvesh Khatri and Dale L. Bodian and Frank Staedtler and Nicholas M. Perry and Trevor J. Hastie and Minnie M. Sarwal and Mark M. Davis and Atul J Butte},
  journal={Nature Methods},
We describe cell type–specific significance analysis of microarrays (csSAM) for analyzing differential gene expression for each cell type in a biological sample from microarray data and relative cell-type frequencies. First, we validated csSAM with predesigned mixtures and then applied it to whole-blood gene expression datasets from stable post-transplant kidney transplant recipients and those experiencing acute transplant rejection, which revealed hundreds of differentially expressed genes… CONTINUE READING
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