Cell toxicity studies of albumin-based nanosized magnetic beads.

  title={Cell toxicity studies of albumin-based nanosized magnetic beads.},
  author={Andreza Ribeiro Simioni and Ol{\'i}mpia Paschoal Martins and Zulmira Guerrero Marques Lacava and Ricardo Bentes de Azevedo and Emilia Celma de Oliveira Lima and Bruno Marques Lacava and Paulo C{\'e}sar de Morais and Ant{\^o}nio Cl{\'a}udio Tedesco},
  journal={Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology},
  volume={6 8},
The aim of this study was to prepare bovine serum albumin-based beads containing maghemite nanoparticles incorporated via ionic magnetic fluid and to evaluate the cell toxicity of this biocompatible system using the J774-A1 cell line. Transmission electron micrographs obtained from the magnetic fluid sample were used to estimate the average particle diameter around 7.6 nm and diameter dispersion of 0.22. The BSA-based magnetic beads were prepared using the heat protein denaturation route. The… CONTINUE READING