Cell surface carbohydrates in Tritrichomonas foetus.

  title={Cell surface carbohydrates in Tritrichomonas foetus.},
  author={Marlene Benchimol and Miercio E. A. Pereira and Cezar Antonio Elias and Wanderley de Souza},
  journal={The Journal of protozoology},
  volume={28 3},
The cell surface of Tritrichomonas foetus was characterized by using 18 highly purified lectins with specificities for N-acetyl glucosamine, N-acetyl galactosamine, galactose, mannose, and sialic acid. The specificity of the lectin-induced cell agglutination was verified by inhibition of the agglutination with the specific sugars. By using cytochemical techniques associated with electron microscopy, carbohydrates were detected on the cell surface of T. foetus. The following techniques were used… CONTINUE READING

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