Cell-specific translational profiling in acute kidney injury.

  title={Cell-specific translational profiling in acute kidney injury.},
  author={Jing Liu and A. Michaela Krautzberger and Shannan J. Ho Sui and Oliver M. Hofmann and Yin Chen and Manfred Baetscher and Ivica Grgic and Sanjeev Kumar and Benjamin D Humphreys and Winston A Hide and Andrew P. McMahon},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
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Acute kidney injury (AKI) promotes an abrupt loss of kidney function that results in substantial morbidity and mortality. Considerable effort has gone toward identification of diagnostic biomarkers and analysis of AKI-associated molecular events; however, most studies have adopted organ-wide approaches and have not elucidated the interplay among different cell types involved in AKI pathophysiology. To better characterize AKI-associated molecular and cellular events, we developed a mouse line… CONTINUE READING