Cell-specific gene expression in patients with usual interstitial pneumonia.

  title={Cell-specific gene expression in patients with usual interstitial pneumonia.},
  author={Margaret M. Kelly and Richard Leigh and Sarah E Gilpin and Elaine H. C. Cheng and G. M. Martin and Katherine Radford and Gerard Cox and Jack Gauldie},
  journal={American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine},
  volume={174 5},
RATIONALE Usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) is characterized by extracellular matrix deposition and the development of pulmonary fibrosis. Fibroblastic foci found in the lung are believed to represent an early stage in the evolution of this disease. OBJECTIVES To compare gene expression profiles in different components of lung tissue (fibroblastic foci, adjacent epithelium, and areas of type 2 pneumocyte hyperplasia) from patients with UIP, and contrast these profiles to distal, uninvolved… CONTINUE READING