Cell size and growth rate are major determinants of replicative lifespan.

  title={Cell size and growth rate are major determinants of replicative lifespan.},
  author={Jingye Yang and Huzefa Dungrawala and Hui Hua and Arkadi Manukyan and Lesley Abraham and Wesley G Lane and Holly Mead and Jill Wright and Brandt L. Schneider},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={10 1},
Yeast cells, like mammalian cells, enlarge steadily as they age. Unabated cell growth can promote cellular senescence; however, the significance of the relationship between size and cellular lifespan is not well understood. Herein, we report a genetic link between cell size, growth rate and lifespan. Mutations that increase cell size concomitantly increase growth rate and decrease lifespan. As a result, large cells grow, divide and age dramatically faster than small cells. Conversely, small… CONTINUE READING

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