Cell responses to metallic nanostructure arrays with complex geometries.


Metallic nanopillar/nanowires are emerging as promising platforms for biological applications, as they allow for the direct characterization and regulation of cell function. Herein we study the response of cells to a versatile nanopillar platform. Nanopillar arrays of various shape, size, and spacing and different nanopillar-substrate interfacial strengths were fabricated and interfaced with fibroblasts and several unique cell-nanopillar interactions were observed using high resolution scanning electron microscopy. Nanopillar penetration, engulfment, tilting, lift off and membrane thinning, were observed by manipulating nanopillar material, size, shape and spacing. These unique cell responses to various nanostructures can be employed for a wide range of applications including the design of highly sensitive nano-electrodes for single-cell probing.

DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2014.07.022

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@article{Jahed2014CellRT, title={Cell responses to metallic nanostructure arrays with complex geometries.}, author={Zeinab Jahed and Sara Molladavoodi and Brandon B. Seo and Maud B. Gorbet and Ting Yiu Tsui and Mohammad R. K. Mofrad}, journal={Biomaterials}, year={2014}, volume={35 34}, pages={9363-71} }