Cell response of anodized nanotubes on titanium and titanium alloys.

  title={Cell response of anodized nanotubes on titanium and titanium alloys.},
  author={Sepideh Minagar and James Wang and C. C. Berndt and Elena P Ivanova and Cuie Wen},
  journal={Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A},
  volume={101 9},
Titanium and titanium alloy implants that have been demonstrated to be more biocompatible than other metallic implant materials, such as Co-Cr alloys and stainless steels, must also be accepted by bone cells, bonding with and growing on them to prevent loosening. Highly ordered nanoporous arrays of titanium dioxide that form on titanium surface by anodic oxidation are receiving increasing research interest due to their effectiveness in promoting osseointegration. The response of bone cells to… CONTINUE READING
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