Cell movement during chick primitive streak formation.

  title={Cell movement during chick primitive streak formation.},
  author={Manli Chuai and Wei Zeng and Xuesong Yang and Veronika Boychenko and James A. Glazier and Cornelis J. Weijer},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={296 1},
Gastrulation in amniotes begins with extensive re-arrangements of cells in the epiblast resulting in the formation of the primitive streak. We have developed a transfection method that enables us to transfect randomly distributed epiblast cells in the Stage XI-XIII chick blastoderms with GFP fusion proteins. This allows us to use time-lapse microscopy for detailed analysis of the movements and proliferation of epiblast cells during streak formation. Cells in the posterior two thirds of the… CONTINUE READING