Cell magnesium transport and homeostasis: role of intracellular compartments.

  title={Cell magnesium transport and homeostasis: role of intracellular compartments.},
  author={Andrea M P Romani and Concetta G A Marfella and Antonio Giorgio Scarpa},
  journal={Mineral and electrolyte metabolism},
  volume={19 4-5},
Magnesium transport across the plasma membrane of cardiac and liver cells appears to be under hormonal control. The increase in cytosolic cAMP, following the adrenergic stimulation of both cell types, results in a major Mg2+ efflux from perfused rat hearts or livers and from collagenase-dispersed ventricular myocytes or hepatocytes. By contrast, the activation of protein kinase C by carbachol, vasopressin, phorbol-myristate acetate or diacylglycerol analogs induces Mg2+ accumulation in either… CONTINUE READING


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