Cell interaction with three-dimensional sharp-tip nanotopography.

  title={Cell interaction with three-dimensional sharp-tip nanotopography.},
  author={Chang-Hwan Choi and Sepideh H Hagvall and Benjamin M. Wu and James C. Y. Dunn and Ramin E. Beygui and Chang-Jin CJ Kim},
  volume={28 9},
Cells in their native microenvironment interact with three-dimensional (3D) nanofeatures. Despite many reports on the effects of substrate nanotopography on cells, the independent effect of 3D parameters has not been investigated. Recent advances in nanofabrication for precise control of nanostructure pattern, periodicity, shape, and height enabled this systematic study of cell interactions with 3D nanotopographies. Two distinct nanopatterns (posts and grates) with varying three… CONTINUE READING