Cell-free synthesis of enterotoxin of E. coli from a cloned gene

  title={Cell-free synthesis of enterotoxin of E. coli from a cloned gene},
  author={Richard Lathe and Peter Hirth and Michel de Wilde and Nigel Harford and J L Lecocq},
In a variety of mammalian species including humans the newborn young are particularly susceptible to diarrhoeal disease brought about by toxin-producing strains of the common gut bacterium, Escherichia coli1. Two types of enterotoxin have been described2. The first, heat-labile toxin (LT), sharing partial antigenic identity with cholera toxin2,3 is comprised of two subunits having molecular weights of 25,500 and 11,5004 and, like cholera toxin, stimulates adenyl cyclase activity in the gut5… CONTINUE READING


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