Cell electrophoresis studies relevant to red blood cell aggregation.

  title={Cell electrophoresis studies relevant to red blood cell aggregation.},
  author={Herbert J. Meiselman and Oguz K. Baskurt and S O Sowemimo-coker and Rosalinda B. Wenby},
  volume={36 5-6},
The phenomenon of reversible RBC aggregation (e.g., rouleaux formation) has been observed and studied for decades, and overviews of this area have been prepared by Chien and co-workers [8,9, 11], Brooks [4–6], Kobuchi et al. [17], Rampling [21], and in a series of conference reports edited by Stoltz [23]. There is now general agreement regarding: (i) associations between increased plasma levels of fibrinogen or other large proteins (e.g., macroglobulins) and enhanced RBC aggregation, and (ii… CONTINUE READING

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