Cell death in prion disease.

  title={Cell death in prion disease.},
  author={Hans A. Kretzschmar and Armin Giese and David R Brown and Jochen Herms and Bettina Keller and Bernhard M. W. Schmidt and Martin H Groschup},
  journal={Journal of neural transmission. Supplementum},
Prion diseases are neurodegenerative transmissible diseases. The infectious agent, termed prion, is thought to consist of an altered host-encoded protein. The pathogenesis of these diseases which typically in a very short time lead to rampant nerve cell death and astrocytic gliosis is poorly understood. Investigations using the in situ endlabeling technique and electron microscopy in a scrapie model in the mouse (79A strain) show that nerve cell death is due to apoptosis. A cell culture model… CONTINUE READING


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