Cell cycle regulation in the postmitotic neuron: oxymoron or new biology?

  title={Cell cycle regulation in the postmitotic neuron: oxymoron or new biology?},
  author={K. Herrup and Y. Yang},
  journal={Nature Reviews Neuroscience},
  • K. Herrup, Y. Yang
  • Published 2007
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Nature Reviews Neuroscience
  • Adult CNS neurons are typically described as permanently postmitotic but there is probably nothing permanent about the neuronal cell cycle arrest. Rather, it appears that these highly differentiated cells must constantly keep their cell cycle in check. Relaxation of this vigilance leads to the initiation of a cell cycle and entrance into an altered and vulnerable state, often leading to death. There is evidence that neurons which are at risk of neurodegeneration are also at risk of re… CONTINUE READING
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