Cell-cycle-regulated expression of thymosin beta 4 in thymocytes.

  title={Cell-cycle-regulated expression of thymosin beta 4 in thymocytes.},
  author={Bernd Sch{\"o}bitz and Roland Netzker and Ewald Hannappel and Korbinian Brand},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={199 2},
Thymosin beta 4 belongs to a family of ubiquitous peptides present at a high cellular content but still with an unknown intracellular function. The expression of this peptide was studied in concanavalin-A-stimulated, proliferating rat thymocytes during cell cycle progression. An early, transient 10-fold increase of the peptide occurred 1 h after stimulation without elevation of the corresponding mRNA level. This increase coincided with that of thymosin beta 4 biosynthesis. The sharp decline of… CONTINUE READING

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