Cell biology of diabetic kidney disease.

  title={Cell biology of diabetic kidney disease.},
  author={Yashpal S. Kanwar and Shigeru Akagi and Lin Sun and Baibaswata Nayak and Zhanfeng Wang and Jun Wada and Sumant S. Chugh and Farhad R Danesh},
  journal={Nephron. Experimental nephrology},
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In large part cellular dysfunctions induced by chronic hyperglycemia are similar in type-1 and -2 diabetes. In both instances chronic hyperglycemia induces injury to a multitude of organs by affecting various target cells. The cells affected may include those derived from of epithelial or mesenchymal progenitors; and at times hyperglycemia may induce phenotypic changes with epithelial-mesenchymal transformation. In the majority of target cells the high-glucose ambience activates various… CONTINUE READING