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  • AC Tose
  • Published 26 March 1993
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Pannexin1 channel-dependent secretome from apoptotic tumor cells shapes immune-escape microenvironment

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Glutathione deficiency decreases lipid droplet stores and increases reactive oxygen species in mouse oocytes

Data support that decreased LDs and increased oxidative stress are primary drivers of decreased oocyte developmental competence in GSH-deficient oocytes.

2.3 CuAAC in Protein Conjugation

This chapter summarizes the use of the copper-catalyzed azide–alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) reaction in the synthesis of peptide and protein conjugates. The different reaction conditions used for

Elucidating the genetic risk of obesity through the human blood plasma proteome

It is shown that BMI is associated with widespread changes in the plasma proteome, and the findings suggest potential therapeutic targets and further elucidate the biological role of these proteins in pathologies associated with obesity.



Granulation: A Review on Pharmaceutical Wet-Granulation

AbstractRecent developments in pharmaceutical wet granulation techniques are reviewed with the main emphasis on granulation in fluidized beds and high shear mixers. The following items are dealt

2 microdeletion imparts transcriptional alterations in human iPSC-derived models of early neural development. eLife

    Evaluation of Ludipress as a “Multipurpose Excipient” for DC Part I: Powder Characteristics and Tableting Properties

    • Rubensdörfer
    • 1994

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