Cell-Specific DNA Methylation Patterns of Retina-Specific Genes

  title={Cell-Specific DNA Methylation Patterns of Retina-Specific Genes},
  author={Shannath L. Merbs and Miriam A. Khan and Laszlo Hackler and Verity Frances Oliver and Jun Wan and Jiang Qian and Donald J. Zack},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Many studies have demonstrated that epigenetic mechanisms are important in the regulation of gene expression during embryogenesis, gametogenesis, and other forms of tissue-specific gene regulation. We sought to explore the possible role of epigenetics, specifically DNA methylation, in the establishment and maintenance of cell type-restricted gene expression in the retina. To assess the relationship between DNA methylation status and expression level of retinal genes, bisulfite sequence analysis… CONTINUE READING