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Cell Segmentation Using the Level Set Method

  title={Cell Segmentation Using the Level Set Method},
  author={Leonie Johann},
In this work, the level set method and its application in cell segmentation are investigated. The main task is to segment images with clustered cells provided by the Fuzzy Logic Laboratorium Linz-Hagenberg, part of the Department of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems at the Johannes Kepler University, Linz. Starting with the traditional level set method, the formulation of the level set function and its property are introduced in Chapter 1. The traditional method appears suitable for… 
Clustered Cell Segmentation - Based on Iterative Voting and the Level Set Method
Combining the outcome of an automatic point detector with the multiphase level set method, the centre of each cell is detected and used as the ”seed”, in other words, the initial condition forlevel set method.
Improved C-V segmentation model based on local information for pavement distress images
An improved C-V segmentation method based on a narrow band of the active contour line is proposed and the experimental results show that the inhomogeneous objects could be segmented effectively and achieve good results.
Renovation of 3 D Medical Image from Pentagonal Shaped Transections
This paper presents Three-Dimensional Renovation of medical image using fundamental Direct Reformation technique by segmented pentagonal shaped transections. Proposed method describes renovation of
Comparing Bitmapped microRNA Structure Images using Mutual Symmetry
A high-throughput method for analyzing large-scale bitmapped bio-data: processing of elongated molecular structures by 2D images and analyzing their shapes for chemoinformatics databases enables a good automatic clustering of structures with high visual similarity.


A Multiphase Level Set Framework for Image Segmentation Using the Mumford and Shah Model
  • L. Vese, T. Chan
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    International Journal of Computer Vision
  • 2004
A new multiphase level set framework for image segmentation using the Mumford and Shah model, for piecewise constant and piecewise smooth optimal approximations, and validated by numerical results for signal and image denoising and segmentation.
A variant of the level set method and applications to image segmentation
The minimization functional for the level set formulation for identifying curves separating regions into different phases is locally convex and differentiable and thus avoids some of the problems with the nondifferentiability of the Delta and Heaviside functions.
Active Contour and Segmentation Models using Geometric PDE’s for Medical Imaging
This paper presents a particular active contour model for 2D and 3D images, formulated using the level set method, and based on a 2-phase piecewise-constant segmentation, which can be generalized to segmentation of images with more than two segments.
Segmentation of nuclei and cells using membrane related protein markers
A method which solves this limitation and furthermore enables segmentation of whole cells by using stains that specifically label the surface of nuclei or cells: lamins for the nuclear envelope and alpha‐6 or beta‐1 integrins for the cellular surface.
Level set methods and dynamic implicit surfaces
A student or researcher working in mathematics, computer graphics, science, or engineering interested in any dynamic moving front, which might change its topology or develop singularities, will find this book interesting and useful.
Some Recent Developments in Variational Image Segmentation
This survey paper discusses some recent developments in variational image segmentation and active contours models. Our focus will be on regionbased models implemented via level-set techniques,
Active contours without edges
  • T. Chan, L. Vese
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Trans. Image Process.
  • 2001
We propose a new model for active contours to detect objects in a given image, based on techniques of curve evolution, Mumford-Shah (1989) functional for segmentation and level sets. Our model can
Harmonic cut and regularized centroid transform for localization of subcellular structures
It is shown that interpolation within each region (subcellular compartment) is equivalent to solving the Laplace equation on a multi-connected domain with irregular boundaries.
Multiphase Evolution and Variational Image Classification
This report presents a supervised classification model based on a variational approach to find an optimal partition compound of homogeneous classes with regular interfaces that is guided by internal forces, and external ones.
Shape Modeling with Front Propagation: A Level Set Approach
The authors' techniques can be applied to model arbitrarily complex shapes, which include shapes with significant protrusions, and to situations where no a priori assumption about the object's topology is made.