Corpus ID: 83017051

Cell Cycling Models of Carcinogenesis: A Complex Systems Analysis

  title={Cell Cycling Models of Carcinogenesis: A Complex Systems Analysis},
  author={V. I. Prisecaru and Ion C. Băianu},
  • V. I. Prisecaru, Ion C. Băianu
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • A new approach to the modular, complex systems analysis of nonlinear dynamics in cell cycling network transformations involved in carcinogenesis is proposed. Carcinogenesis is a complex process that involves dynamically inter-connected biomolecules in the intercellular, membrane, cytosolic, nuclear and nucleolar compartments that form numerous inter-related pathways. One such family of pathways contains the cell cyclins. Cyclins are proteins that link several critical pro-apoptotic and other… CONTINUE READING

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